[CLN-list] cl_inhibit_floating_point_underflow

Kåre Olaussen Kare.Olaussen at ntnu.no
Mon Oct 3 01:17:07 CEST 2011

Den 3. okt. 2011 kl. 00.40 skrev Michael Miller:

> Try moving the line
>   bool cl_inhibit_floating_point_underflow = true;
> inside the function main, without the bool, so the first three lines look like:
> int main()
> {
>  cl_inhibit_floating_point_underflow = true;

Yes, indeed that works!  Also for functions called from main().
I almost tried this, but with the bool declaration...
Thanks a lot!

I wonder if section 12.2 of the manual should be modified?
The behaviour maybe  depends on compilers and systems.

By the way, I think it most of the time is a bad idea to turn on this
option. Usually underflow is a signal that some lowprecision
variables have contaminated your calculation.

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