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1 <HTML>
2 <HEAD>
3 <TITLE>Installation</TITLE>
4 </HEAD>
7 <H1>Installation</H1>
9 You need at least a 2.2.x kernel, glibc 2.1 and GTK+ 1.2. Earlier versions will not work.
11 <OL>
12 <LI>Unpack the SheepShaver archive (if you are reading this, you probably have already done this)
13 <LI>Even when running on a PowerMac, you need a copy of a PCI PowerMac ROM (4MB) in
14 a file called "ROM" in the same folder SheepShaver is in (but you can select a different location
15 in the settings window). SheepShaver can also use the "Mac OS ROM" file that comes with
16 MacOS 8.5/8.6 (look in the System Folder on your MacOS CD). In order to legally use SheepShaver,
17 you have to own the ROM the image file was taken from.
18 </OL>
20 <HR>
22 SheepShaver User's Guide
24 </BODY>
25 </HTML>

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