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1 <HTML>
2 <HEAD>
3 <TITLE>Introduction</TITLE>
4 </HEAD>
7 <H1>Introduction</H1>
9 SheepShaver is a MacOS run-time environment for Linux that allows you
10 to run MacOS applications at native speed inside the Linux multitasking
11 environment on PowerPC-based Linux systems. This means that both Linux
12 and MacOS applications can run at the same time and data can be exchanged
13 between them.
15 <P>SheepShaver is neither a MacOS replacement nor an emulator. It runs an
16 unmodified PowerPC MacOS under control of Linux at full speed without any
17 kind of emulation. So it also uses the MacOS 68k emulator to run 68k
18 applications. In this way, SheepShaver is comparable to the "Blue Box" of
19 Apple's Rhapsody operating system.
21 <H2>Some of SheepShaver's features:</H2>
23 <UL>
24 <LI>Compatibility: SheepShaver runs MacOS 7.5.2 thru 8.6 with all system
25 extensions like AppleGuide, AppleScript, QuickTime, QuickTime VR,
26 QuickDraw 3D, Open Transport, PPP, Language Kits, ColorSync, etc.
27 <LI>Graphics: The MacOS user interface is displayed in an X11 window or
28 full-screen (requires DGA)
29 <LI>Sound: CD-quality stereo sound output
30 <LI>Networking: SheepShaver supports Internet and LAN networking via
31 Ethernet and PPP with all Open Transport compatible MacOS applications.
32 <LI>Volumes: Any HFS or HFS+ volume can be used with SheepShaver (this
33 includes Zip/Jaz/SyQuest drives etc.). It also features a built-in
34 CD-ROM driver and a driver for HD floppy disks.
35 <LI>Data Exchange: You can access Linux files from the MacOS via a "Linux"
36 icon on the Mac desktop and copy and paste text between Linux and MacOS
37 </UL>
39 <HR>
41 SheepShaver User's Guide
43 </BODY>
44 </HTML>

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