A random assortment of pictures, mostly plants and animals, taken with a Sony Cybershot P30 and a Canon Powershot S2 IS.

You can get a full-size version of each picture by clicking on it. I hope you enjoy them!

Linaria vulgaris, AKA toadflax.

This was taken on a military cemetery near Bullay.

Uhm, well, yellow berries...

Some sort of firebug, I suppose.

"Cheese!" :-)

Just a hint of basil.

Red hot chili peppers under construction.

Chrysanthemum flowers, symbol of truth, perfection, and whatnot.

It's probably not easy being green.

Bees come flying for the great taste of sage...

...spiders come running for the great taste of bees...

...but tits prefer sunflower seeds. ("Huh-huh. He said 'tits', Beavis.")

This is what oregano looks like when you save it from a fiery death on top of a pizza and let it blossom.

Tomatoes go well with oregano.

A bumble-bee examining a tagetes flower.

A forest of radish.

Rosemary (yes, I also have parsley and thyme, but they don't bloom as nicely :-).

Love is like a butterfly. This one seems to have fought with Mike Tyson...

A very hungry caterpillar, of the same species (Pieris rapae) as the butterfly in the previous picture.

Having eaten up all the radish, the caterpillar will turn into this...

...and eventually into this...

...before turning into this, completing the cycle.

Flower. Pretty.

"The fox was this big! Really!"

Inside the donjon (dungeon) of the castle of Loches, France. This was built in the 11th century and served as a prison until 1926.

<insert joke here>

A rather disheveled duck.

"Either pet me or shove off, okay?"

Ferrite core memory, from a collection at NIKHEF

What looks like high-grade distillery equipment is actually an HF cavity from a particle accelerator.

The botanical garden of Amsterdam has bigger butterflies than I do.

You could use this as a desktop background, I suppose.

The Silver Y is one of the more common butterfly species, but it usually hides during the day.

Chickens don't wipe their noses.

This looks suspiciously like a Mandarin duck.

Gazanias come in a variety of patterns, but these are plain yellow.

A false-color picture of a sunflower.

Another one of those desktop-backgroundish motives.

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