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revision 1.2 by cebix, 2003-07-01T18:18:03Z revision 1.4 by cebix, 2004-01-12T15:13:10Z
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1  Changes from V4.1b to V4.2:  Changes from V4.1b to V4.2:
2   - Changed license to GPL   - Changed license to GPL
3     - "plain" Frodo removed, "Frodo PC" renamed to "Frodo"
4     - ROMs are built into the Frodo executable
5     - implemented write access to disk image files (D64/X64)
6     - Voice 3 mute works
7     - Unix: removed obsolete Linux joystick code, added SDL joystick support
8     - Unix: added fullscreen display with SDL
9     - Linux: added support for Catweasel SID
10     - Linux: more accurate timing
11     - BeOS: added support for digital joysticks connected to the GeekPort
12     - BeOS: updated to new Media Kit API
14  Changes from V4.1a to V4.1b:  Changes from V4.1a to V4.1b:
15   - Unix: Updated Tcl/Tk preferences editor [Gerard Decatrel]   - Unix: Updated Tcl/Tk preferences editor [Gerard Decatrel]

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